quarta-feira, novembro 19, 2008

Escrita científica

O humour como instrumento de análise da publicação científica:
  • How to write consistently boring scientific literature - Although scientists typically insist that their research is very exciting and adventurous when they talk to laymen and prospective students, the allure of this enthusiasm is too often lost in the predictable, stilted structure and language of their scientific publications. I present here, a top-10 list of recommendations for how to write consistently boring scientific publications. I then discuss why we should and how we could make these contributions more accessible and exciting.
  • Clarity and obfuscation in scientific papers. Scientists are engaged in an endeavor where they're trying to figure out what the data show about the world, not just what they want to see in their experimental results. Ideally, scientists are making sure their data and conclusions can stand up to the toughest objections they can imagine being raised before they even send their manuscripts off to the journal. And, to the extent that science is a knowledge-building project where scientists need to be able to depend on the results communicated by other scientists, they know they should be striving for scrupulous honesty and utter clarity of language.
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